Answer in an innovative way for these questions in an interview

questions in an interviewsInterviews are conducted to assess a potential candidates skills and abilities. Interviews many ask many questions to test your technical and communication skills. Some interviewers may ask about your past projects which you have worked and will give you a small task to test your practical skills in a designated timeline. Even the interviewers expect rapid answers for the questions asked by them. Interview questions and shortlisting candidates may differ from a startup company to a well established company. A startup company not only looks for skilled candidates but also looks whether the candidate fits for their company culture and their mission and goals. But it is not typical to impress the interviewers. Prepare for below important questions asked by interviewers to get pass in any interview.

Why are you looking for job?

This question is mainly implies for experienced people and they are expecting the reasons for leaving the last company. A startup company looks that the shortlisted candidate should be with them for long tenure, so in this perspective they may want o know the reason for the leaving for last job. So, be clear and yup to the point in delivering your answer. If you left your job in bad conditions, then project it in a positive way and highlight the tasks you have done and news skills learned in your past job.

Why you are interested to take-up this role?

This is an important question and prepares some key facts to answer to this question. If you are a marketing professional, then your answer should be in a way that: You like to interact more people and you have good communication and people skills to solve the issues. But remember one thing, dont over explain yourself, it may ultimately spoil your chances.
Answer well and get shortlisted for your right job. All the best.

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