A quizz to know whether you are addicted to technology or not?


Today’s world is interlinked with technology and everything is being connected with technology. Giving more priority to technology than their fellow human being and their family is only happened with more accessing of technology. Just go back to 10 years from now and think that how technology has developed and changed the world. 0 years back there was no emailing from Smartphone development to compare with now. A GPRS is able to navigating you to the targeted point and you are able connect with all through virtually from any place like work place, home or other place. Technology has made our life more beautiful and created ample of advances which we never expected. Sometime we may get a doubt that we are addicted to technology or not? Take below quiz and know whether you are addicted to technology or not?
Are you being away from not checking a SMS, email, chat, social forums and social networks like facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and others?
Are you the one who desperately look facebook to click on like for the posts made by your friends group?
Are you the one who is always looking to download new games and apps on your phone?
Are you the one who always carry their mobile along with them when thy eat, walk, sleep and other activities?
Are you the one who always refresh their email inbox and look for mails?
Are you the one who record voice messages in their phone in case they missed the incoming calls?
Are you the one who changes their phone settings at least once in a week?
Are you the one who prefer to go for a vacation based on Wi-Fi availability?
Are you the one who feel restless in case if they don’t receive SMS, emails and notifications on every morning?
Are you the one who carries more than tow electronic devices to reach all?
Read above all questions and tick 1 mark for yes answered question. If you get YES as answer for more than 5 questions then this is the right time to be away from smart phones, Ipad, ipod, PDA for at least one day get out of them. Just get disconnected from all electronic connections and see the life outside. Then only you are going to observe many things happen outside and able to enjoy life with pleasure and happiness.

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