A new trend in recruiting: Social HR

 recruiting Social HRMany organizations are integrating with social media and social technologies to recruit, develop and engage employees. 2013 has been officially declared as the year of social recruitment year because of the growth for social networking technologies and jobs hiring process they adopt and development of workforce engagement. Here social media reduces the work of recruiters and many candidates will be ready to get selected for recruiters and social media enable you to hire highly efficient candidates from social media. Just viewing their profile on social media only gives them a preliminary attention to match their requirement. At the same time companies are creating their own official social media pages by reflecting their company culture for better communication and creation of employee brand to build the interest among the new job seekers who wanted to apply for the job in the organization. Earlier marketing people use to build their marketing activities through online marketing. Now, it is the part of HR management and term of recruiters to build platform for future recruiters.

Earlier recruitment activity means employment exchanges, placement consultancies and classified advertisements. But all of these end with e recruitment which is a new twist in the global recruitment policy. Millions of profiles socially connected with friends, colleagues and industry competitors with the help of networking sites and many companies are looking to fill their manpower through social networking sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin and others. In other words we can say that social media has transformed the future of recruiting. Some others believe that social recruiting also helps companies in saving time and money and stress in finding the right candidate. Employers should not underestimate the power of their company’s social media presence, in the recruitment process. Many companies believe that social media has forever changed the way they work. It has also changed the talent acquisition and traditional human resource processes. Companies need to get in touch with career aspirants by posting tips on how to get hired and other career growth techniques.

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