Tips to write a catchy e-mail subject line to a recruiter

Email is usually the first means of contact for you and a hiring manager. So make sure that the email subject line can be used as a tool to project your qualifications and stand out from the crowd.

catchy e-mail subject lines

Use following tips to craft your email subject lines while emailing recruiters:

Give the subject line ample thought: Subject line determines whether or not your email is opened and often how the recipient responds. Write the subject line first; making sure it sets the tone for your job application.

Keep it really short: Usually, a desktop inbox shows about 60 characters of an email’s subject line; while a mobile phone shows just 25 to 30 characters. So try to write a subject line that does not exceed 10 words.

Be concise: Recruiters spend only a few seconds on each resume. So it’s important that your subject line hits the nail in describing what you’re looking for from the recruiter. Simply writing “CV for X or Y Position” is likely to get you ignored.

● Put important words at the beginning: Studies say that more than half of emails are now read on mobile phones. So add important details at the beginning of the subject line so that they appear in the preview that the receiver sees.

Never use filler words: Don’t waste subject line spaces with “Hello”, “How are you” and “Hope you are doing well”. Add a crisp subject line to grab the attention of a hiring manager.

Include your name and position: Add the job title, your name and the job ID (if there is one) in the email subject line. Then it will be easy for the hiring managers to filter it. Any hiring manager who receives the email will know exactly what it contains.

If someone referred you, put in their name: If you have been referred by someone for a position, put that in the subject line. And make sure that you use the person’s full name.

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