61% Indians aged 45-plus want to retire in next 5 years: Survey

61% Indians aged 45-plus want to retire in next 5 years

Recent survey found that work pressure affecting the mental and physical health of the employees aged between 45 to 50. With this, over 61 percent Indians want to retire in next five years with the financial constraints. The survey found that, majority of Indians decided to begin saving early and planning well for their retirement. The survey report found that, over 43 per cent employees like to retire in the next five years to spend more time with their family. Others want to travel and pursue other interests (34 per cent) or pursue another career or voluntary work (20 per cent). Over 27 per cent of pre-retirees aged 45 plus mentioned that they would like to retire because work is having a negative impact on their mental and physical health, 40 per cent of pre-retirees believe that poor health will make saving for their retirement more difficult.

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