5 Trends that a recruiter should focus on in this digital era

The demand for employment is increasing in a great way as well as number of students coming out of colleges and universities every year. Talent acquisition and recruitment are not only the priorities of recruitment goals in 2017 but also in 2018. In the last year employees hired many and also fired many for the sake of cost cutting. It is known fact that there is a job shortage in India not because of less organizations or companies but because of more competition in terms of skills and experience which was resulted in exploring the right candidate for the jobs.

recruiter should focus on in this digital era

Experts predict that 2018 will have some recruitment trends where recruiters should work order to get the best hires and suitable candidate to enhance the organization growth. The new recruitment trends in 2018 will definitely attract the applicants also.

Unconscious bias: Sometimes recruiters are unconsciously considering the candidates based on sex, age, race rather than assessing the candidate’s skills, tasks and competencies. In this process, recruiters moving towards text messages instead of phone calls in recruitment process. This helps to find out candidate’s identity like name and gender without any voice recognition, creating a canvas between a recruiter and the candidate.

Marketing business: Employees can select their organization based on their need, culture and company’s brand. Here recruiters need to promote the job, positions not only to recruit the candidates but also to promote their products through videos, photographs, documents and presentations.

Workforce analytics: To promote their business recruiters need t o invest HR analytics to get higher sales growth and higher sales per an employee. In 2018, employees need to hire candidates who are willing to learn and try new ideas, from micro projects and to macro one, nurture relationships with other business like finance or IT.

Digital tools for recruitment: Investing in digital tools is another important recruitment trend in 2018.

Employee experience: Millennial employees prefer to work in organizations where employee engagement activities equipped such as table tennis, gyms, and other refreshments.

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