5 TOP Workplace Insecurities and Ways to Overcome them

Many people don’t look for a job that they love to do. Thousands of people stuck to a job due to some insecurity. These insecurities remain as hurdles for them to grow in their career. These insecurities keep them away from growing as it becomes impossible to give their 100% to a job. When you are thinking of quit your job, number of reasons will come to your mind that will make you stay at this job. These insecurities make more than 30% stay at job they actually want to quit. It may be insecurities or excuses many people use to stay at job irrespective the severe health issues and undue stress. Here are some excuses most people use as an excuse for staying at job.

workplace Insecurities

  • Money: Money is the top reason for the people to stay at their job even though they are not happy. Changing a career doesn’t guarantee the rewarding career, therefore staying where you were is the only option you have. You can choose a new path and start working on it.
  • Job Security: If you are comfortable with your job then it will increase your job satisfaction and ultimately it increases your productivity. If you perform your best then you will have a great job security with job satisfaction.
  • Doubt: If you have spent more years with the same employer and moving to a new place is not make you feel secured. Before that make a list of what you are looking for in the new position before you look for the jobs. Here are some of them:
    * Cultural Considerations
    * Work Style and Job Content
    * Advancement Potential
  • Not knowing what to do: Incase of not knowing what to do then plan to stay where you are for job security and job satisfaction. Here your chances of job switching are more.

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