5 Reasons how Internet.org is against free web

5 Reasons how Internet.org is against free web

Facebook has opened up its Internet.org to all developers and has clarified that it doesn’t charge any fee for offering their content. Below are the reasons why facbeook’s internet.org is violates net neutrality:

Doesn’t treat all websites and services equal: Internet.org is accessed freely to all developers and get access to the web services those are approved by facebook and telcos.

Discrimination in terms of cost of access: The services, apps, websites under internet.org will be accessed freely and offered at the same speed.

Facebook & telcos decide what you access: Whatever the information you accesses on Internet.org will be in control of Facebook and telcos as they can reject services that don’t abide by their terms.

Online shopping, banking not secure: Internet.org does not support https and encrypted content which restrict users to shop online, pay your bills or perform net banking transactions without exposing sensitive details.

No online video, high-resolution images: Internet.org’s terms and conditions restrict websites and apps that offer voice calling, videos, and high-resolution pictures or file transfer.

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