Overlooked jobseeker groups in recruitment


Recruiting right talent with all categories is really challenging task for hiring managers. Due to some reasons like Unable provide accomadation, unable to provide training some group of job seekers is overlooked for some reasons. Top employers may tap these groups and access the talent to fill their employment needs. We may consider the talented people from these overlooked groups and they are as below:

Unemployed group: People who have regular gaps and unemployed at the time of job application. Some organizations only prefer these unemployed candidates for some specific recruitment drives to serve the community. They will be provided with special training and consider for jobs once they finish the training. Some people may have developed unique skills at the time of unemployment phase. So recognize them through skills tests and hire at right place.

Disabled group: Some of the top employers will have specific recruitments for disabled and physically impaired groups. Even government jobs also will spare some quota of jobs to the physically handicapped and disabled people.

Women group: Some organizations overlook women employees and hire only mail employees. But these days are gone, many organizations have shown their reports that they have more women employees these days. Due to some traditional barriers in work place women are overlooked for some positions. But, any corporate companies providing additional benefits to the women like transportation facilities, helath benefits and work life balance which have been succeed in these days.

Youth group: This is uncommon but still overlooked for some positions. Some senior positions or experience positions youth are not considered because of training costs and attrition rate. Generally this age group people are recruited from local colleges and universities for internships and entry level jobs.

Unskilled group: Many employers prefer to hire unskilled people and make them more skilled with proper training and apprenticeship programs, tuition reimbursement, vocational-skill programs, and job training. These originations prefer skill they have and ability to adapting the learning aspects as per the job requirement.

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