3 Mantras to be a successful Manager

A manager is a person who is responsible for a team success and organization success. A manager strengthen a team success by correcting weaknesses, improving collaboration, filling motivation and responsible for a team growth from time to time. But role of a manager also very critical as compare to other roles in the organization. A recent research reports on Managers reveal that many of the participants reveal that they have very bad managers and not have great managers. A great manager always look in to the caliber of a team member and assigns whether they can perform as per the expectations or not and assigns accordingly. Below important things to be followed by the managers for getting right things from manager:

Build the team on their strengths: A great manager always focus on enhancing an individual of a team members growth and helping in correcting their weaknesses. A manager also evaluates teams performance and identifies the areas where the team member is lacks to perform. Also recognizes their strengths and helps them in growing their strengths. Once a team member got realize their weaknesses then automatically they converts their weakness in to strength.

Works on promoting collaboration among team: Great managers always promote collaboration and culture among team members. He/ She build a support system to mitigate team member weaknesses. A team success is depends on the combined success of a team member but not on an individual member performance.

Identifying team members as the cause of their success: It is common anywhere that a person always expects recognition for their efforts. The survey also finds the facts that many managers are unable to recognize the team members as the cause for their team success and failure. Most of the recognized employees were happy and works with enhances enthusiasm. As we know that, recognized employees always work with more happiness and makes work places also happier and organizations profitable.

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