24×7 law may boost retail jobs by 50%

24x7 law may boost retail jobs by 50%

Hiring experts predict that model shop act or 24×7 law may boost job creation with the approval of the Model Shops and Establishment (regulation of employment and condition of services) Bill. If the bill adopted by states then it could lead to a 10% growth in jobs in the short term across retail, IT and services sector. It also promotes gender diversity and encourages women working in night shifts. Sectors like retail and hospitality will benefit from this kind of flexibility directly and immediately.
The gender diversity of the Indian retail sector is currently at 20-23 per cent, if the new bill approves it would also provide more job opportunities for women. The move will also be a business enabler for the majority of IT companies who cater to international customers and have to operate in shifts running well beyond 8 pm or 9 pm or 24 hour.

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