21 Resume tips for a killer resume

1.  Use the best keywords: Make sure that you have added all relevant keywords.

2.  Avoid objectives: Advised to not use any objectives.

3.  Use bullet points: Use bullet points wherever possible.

Resume tips

4.  Try sticking to one page: Summarize your resume to one page.

5.  Use numbers: Use numbers to quantify your experience.

6.   Include an email address: Use a professional email address.

7.   Include a phone number, too: Add your personal mobile number to get contacted by recruiters.

8.   And don’t forget a physical address: Add a physical address in your resume.

9.   Proofread it – aloud: Use proofread and spell-check for better output.

10.  Keep your sentences under 30 words: You can add 30 words short, punchy sentences like news headlines.

11.  Use action verbs: Use action verbs to show that you are performance oriented.

12.  Place numbers near action verbs: Add numbers along with the action verbs in your resume to get founded by recruiters in Boolean search.

13.  Put your most recent experience at the top: List out the experiences in reverse-chronological order with your most recent position at top.

14.  Put your education on the bottom: List out your skills and experience first followed by education at the end.

15.  Consider images or icons (carefully): Include images and icons if any.

16.  Vary your word usage: Don’t repeat the words like “Responsible for…”, or “Achieved…” in your resume.

17.   Avoid jargon: Avoid using big words or industry jargons in your resume.

18.   Keep your points specific and measurable: You can avoid using some clichés like highly motivated,” “team player,” or “hard worker.

19.   Consider removing your graduation date: Most employers don’t consider your graduation date, but they look for your experience and skills.

20.   Be prepared with references: Add the “References Available upon Request” line in your resume and be prepared when asked.

21.   Save your resume as a PDF: Save your resume in PDF format to maintain the same formatting.

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