An Irrelevant objective: If you’re changing your jobs frequently then it must be important to have an objective with a brief summary.

Irrelevant work experience: Remove unrelated experience if any to the applying job position.

An irrelevant personal stuff: It is not suggested to include your marital status, religious preference, or social security number.

Including your hobbies: It’s a waste of time and waste of space if it’s not relevant to the current applying job position.

Including your age: If you are applying for a senior level executive position then your age is matters otherwise remove your graduate date.

Your references: It is must to add your references if you employer asks.

Adding personal pronouns: Experts suggest that not to include the words in your resume such as ‘I,’ ‘me,’ ‘she,’ or ‘my,’.

Un- professional email account: Add a professional mail id in your resume.

Adding your current employer/business contact info: Experts advice you that not to include current business contact information which can be monitored by your current employer.

Your social media URLS: If you think that your social media profile will be an add value factor to your profile then add relevant links such as LinkedIn.

Salary information: Including your salary details on your profile may create negative impression with recruiters.

Using outdated fonts: Some fonts like Times New Roman and serif are considered as outdated and old-fashioned. So, prefer some standard fonts like Arial.

Annoying buzzwords: Some phrases like ‘best of breed,’ ‘go-getter,’ ‘think outside the box,’ ‘synergy,’ and ‘people pleaser’, will annoy the recruiters.

Including the reasons why you left a company: Listing the reasons why you have left your previous job is irrelevant on your resume

Add these terms to impress employers: Add some words like ‘achieved,’ ‘managed,’ ‘resolved,’ and ‘launched’ on your resume.

Adding your GPA: If you are a fresher and applying for an entry level position then your grades will be an added advantage to your profile.

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