15 signs your job interview is going horribly

job interview is going horribly

Here are some signs that your job interview is going horribly. Human resource management team screens your interview process for the interview questions.

► The hiring manager doesn’t maintain eye contact: If the interviewer doesn’t maintain an eye contact then it’s a great sign that your job interview has gone wrong.
► They display negative body language: If the interviewer is crossing their legs and looking at the door then it may be a sign that they were not impressed.
► They seem distracted: If the hiring manager is working on laptop or sending texts then it is also a sign that ► your job interview went wrong.
► They cut the interview short: If the interviewer wraps up the interview quickly then it is also a great sign of horrible interview.
► They don’t smile, ever.
► They go on the offensive.
► They pause often as they try to think of the next question
► They don’t listen carefully to your answers or ask pertinent follow up questions.
► The interviewer mentions there are other qualified candidates in the running.
► It seems as if they’re reading your resume for the first time.
► There’s little discussion or enthusiasm about your skills, accomplishments, or goals
► The conversation doesn’t flow, and there are lots of pauses or interruptions as you try to respond
► They don’t mention ‘next steps’ or ask about your availability.
► You get the limp handshake.
► You’re asked to follow up with an assistant.

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